The Wonders and Dangers of PayPal

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This is a cautionary post to all who both buy and sell online using PayPal to transfer their money back and forth from other buyers and sellers.

PayPal is a wonderful thing. You open up an Etsy store, place your beautiful things on their website and people come, admire and send you some PayPal money to ship those things to them. All is happy. Then you start looking around at everyone else's beautiful things, admire them and send other people your hard earned PayPal money in exchange for their beautiful hand crafted things.

What a wonderful exchange system! We play with imaginary money and send and receive real things with it.

The thing I have to remember is that I also need play the alchemist and take some of this imaginary money and turn it into real gold from time to time by depositing it into my bank account and using it for things like buying groceries or paying the bills. It really is like magic and it is fun, but I do need to learn some restraint when I'm exploring the wonderful world of Etsy.

Take a look at my Etsy Favorites link in my sidebar and you will see what I mean. There are so many talented people making wonderful things!


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