December Image Special at SurLaLune

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I was over at SurLaLune this morning looking for inspiration for a Christmas project and saw that they are having an image sale in December to celebrate their 10th anniversary. I LOVE this website. I'm a fairy tale fanatic and an armchair anthrolopogist and I love the illustrations of Fairy Tales from the Victorain age. This site draws all of those interests together.

For the past ten years, Heidi Anne Heiner has been compiling a vast Fairy Tale resource library. She has annotated versions of almost 50 fairy tales on the site, countless illustrations from all of the most wonderful Fairy Talle illustrators (Rackham, Gobel, Dulac, Tarrant, Wilcox Smith, Parrish, Billibin - etc . . .) You can search the illustrations site by artist or by fairy tale and you can support Heidi's work by purchasing wonderful goodies with the images on them - journals, trivets, shirts, tote bags, stickers and lots of other things!

She also has brief reviews and links to purchase new fairy tale literature, films based on Fairy Tales and new reprints of old tales and illustrations.

When you have a minute and want to relive your childhood memories of reading Fairy Tale stories with beautiful illustrations, pop over to SurLaLune and take a peek. And if you have a fairy tale lover in your family - forget the ultra commercialized Tinker Bell nightie you can buy at Walmart and go check out Heidi's daily Image Special.

Today's image is Dulac's illustration of Cinderella and her Godmother.

One thing I did notice missing from her bookstore is a link to buy Jim Henson's The Storyteller collection. This is one of our favorite DVD's. I don't know how I missed that series when it was being broadcast - it was probably during one of my TVless phases - but I was thrilled to discover it on DVD a few years ago. Henson's Creature shop created incredible costumes and creatures for the show and created a truly magical atmosphere for the retelling of 9 Fairy Tales and 4 Greek Legends. The greek Legends are intended for a slightly more mature audience (8 or 10 and up) but Maxx loves the Giants, Devils and Monsters in the Fairy Tale segments!

Now I'm off to make a photo and video tutorial for creating these earrings:

Wish me luck! I've never posted video to the blog before, but I feel that it will be necessary to give everyone the feel for how to wrap the wire. You can get the kit over at GoblinsMarket!


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